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The Children’s Mandela

7th April 2011: With the launch of Nelson Mandela International Day to take place on 18 July 2011, and Mandela Mondays, there has never been a better time to commemorate the life of this great World Icon.

What better way to commemorate the man, than with the words of those that have always meant the most to him: the children of this country. The Children’s Mandela is a unique and heart-warming book that bears testimony to this great man’s impact on all South African’s, but especially on those that hold our future in their hands: The children.

The book features the best of 40 000 answers and colour drawings submitted by South African children in response to 25 questions on Mandela. These answers reveal wonderfully naïve home truths and insights that come straight from the mouths of babes. And while most of the content DOES come from children, adults will find the book a delight and sometimes a revelation, as the children of our nation get down to the real things that are important in our lives. It is also an ideal book for kids to learn about our past and the figures that have shaped this country’s path to freedom.

This book lays bare the dreams and prayers of the children of this country in a frank and  uncompromising manner. But it also gives a unique insight into how the example of one man can influence the thinking of so many children for the better. As shown in the book, ask one child what is important to avoid and the answer is “Littering.” Ask another and the answer is “Those who abuse children.”

What unites all of the drawings and insights in this book is the love of all the children of South Africa, black or white, rich or poor, for one man. A man who came from a poor farming background to become an inspiration to our country and indeed the whole world: Nelson Rolihlala Mandela.

This lavish, full colour, 245 page book was sponsored by Nedbank as part of its wider Corporate Social Responsibility programme and as a continuation of its long-standing relationship with the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.

Published by speciality publishers, Future by Design Publishing, The Children’s Mandela is now available for R245.00 at all major bookstores.

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