About the Author

Tyne Doyle was born in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Graduating in 1989 from the University of Cape Town, she majored in Clinical Psychology for her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences.

Tyne Doyle

Tyne Doyle

Tyne started her career in advertising as a copywriter – a career, which saw her winning various advertising awards in South Africa, London, New York, Cannes and Ireland. She later moved to Dublin, where she lived for six years.

It was coincidental that an advertising campaign she was working on was flighted just before Nelson Mandela’s 80th birthday, and during the creation of the advertisement, Tyne had asked the opinion of some local school children about the product in question.

Madiba’s birthday followed shortly afterward, and the concept of the Children’s Mandela was seeded and the hard work began in earnest.

Though she owns a loft apartment in Cape Town, Tyne spends most of her time at home in Los Angeles, California.